A Harmless Texting Friendship Goes Too Far

Act 2: Lusk's life changes one afternoon in her daughter's bedroom with 14-year-old Bubba Frank.
6:54 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for A Harmless Texting Friendship Goes Too Far
Reporter: Prosser, washington, has a lot in common with so many other small towns across america. The social life is dictated by the high school. It's one of those towns. You know, you talk to 80-year-old women on the street, they know the name of the high school football coach and all the players. Reporter: One of the best known prosser players -- Even when we ask, "are you any good?" Yeah. Reporter: But bubba is now known around town for something beyond the gridiron. He was also a key player in something else -- a smoldering small town scandal. It all begins when he was about to lose his first time love, that popular girlfriend, karlie lusk. Her mother, that former mayor. My whole world revolved around him. I didn't like that. So, you know, I said "you know, I don't want this anymore." And he still stuck around. Reporter: But even though their early taste of love is over, bubba and karlie remain friends and he could often come over to the lusk house. They'd have pool parties all the time and me and my friends were invited and me and my friends would go over there. Reporter: An escape from what was happening at bubba's own house. His parents, separating. The family coming apart. It was a tough time. It was definitely a tough time. Reporter: Bubba's mother, heidi, told us she knew he was not handling the breakup well. He was a little angry at me at first, because I was the one that chose to walk away and finally end it. Reporter: While at the lusk home, they say they knew bubba needed a refuge. He complained a lot about, the parents were going through a divorce. He just appeared to need some nurturing. I think she just tried to comfort me, for the most part. Reporter: Linda lusk would take bubba and his friends out to eat, take them to practice. Sometimes, she'd come and watch. And then there was the texting with bubba. You know, how are you doing? There was a lot of just chitchat. Reporter: But then, they each say the other escalates the texting, becoming flirtatious, even suggestive. She just, like, kind of gets more into the texts, like, they're starting to get dirtier and dirtier. Reporter: And when we ask bubba, is he playing along too? Yeah. One time he said he wanted to see me without my clothes on. And I'm like, "oh come on." I said "you'd have nightmares." I mean, I would laugh it off. Then he said, "oh well, I bet you do things to yourself when you're by yourself." Reporter: Even those texts, she says, don't prepare her for the one she receives while at her store. I was at work one day and he said, "if I came down to your shop, would you give me oral sex?" I'm embarrassed to say this, but I texted back, "wtf," and he's like, "oh well, I'm just joking." Reporter: But linda doesn't stop him. And those text messages continue. I think I didn't want to hurt him, which seems a little ridiculous. Reporter: At the time, she says, it seemed harmless. And admits to being flattered by a teenager. There were times when he would say that "oh, you look great. You look hot." And I would just laugh and go "yeah, whatever, I don't think so." And I'm sure that there was something in there that, that was kind of nice to hear. But it wasn't amorous. Reporter: Bubba says the texting with linda was becoming increasingly risque. Admitting to us there was an attraction. But enough to fool around? Yeah. Reporter: And bubba is beginning to think of linda very differently -- that attraction now mixed with the hormones of a 14-year-old boy. Just more and more sexual contact, basically, with the messaging. It was weird for me, just because of how much older she was. Reporter: On an april afternoon, he would visit linda lusk at home at lunchtime, hoping his former girlfriend's mother, the former mayor and the principal's wife, just might become his first conquest. Admitting to us he told his friends before he went. And what did they say? Good luck with it. Reporter: He remembers arriving at the house. I go over and she opens up the door. We eventually make our way back to karlie's bedroom. Reporter: What was about to happen at the lusk home would change lives forever. Well, I let him in through the front door and he came in and we sat down here on the sofa. There was some construction going on in the other room and he kept kind of leaning forward and looking and he just seemed very, very nervous. I had the sense that he wanted to talk to me in private. And so, I just took him in this direction, my bedroom is to the right and I wasn't going to take him in my room. So, we just sort of naturally went into my daughter's room. She told me to take off my backpack and walked med into karlie's bedroom. He sat down on the bed and "are just said, "are you okay?" And then he was kind of, you know, almost like shaking nervous. She asked if I was sure i wanted to go along with it. And I said yeah. Reporter: And as linda described what she says happened next, you could see the discomfort on her husband's face. And so I put my hand on his shoulders and I say "what's going on?" And then I kind of gave him a hug, thinking he just needed a hug and then he took his pants down. Honestly, I -- I was shocked. I just froze. And then he took my, his hands and, it was basically I just briefly -- I don't even know, i didn't look down, that I even touched him but I probably did. And I said, "i'll be right back." And I left the room and I went out in the living room and i felt like I was going to throw up. And I think I just took a deep breath, and came back in and said, "you need to get back to school." Reporter: That under-aged teen maintains something that bedroom door closed. We just had oral sex and that's basically all. Reporter: He says she made a promise about the next time. She just said next time I'd have a chance to please her. Reporter: Back at school, bubba admits to bragging to his friends, and runaway rumors soon spreading through school quickly reaching his ex-girlfriend, karlie, linda lusk's daughter. It was just horrible. Just, the worst thing I could imagine. Reporter: And she would also hear some startling admissions from her own mother. She wasn't denying everything, I mean she told me "i'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." Reporter: When we come back, whose story from that bedroom would that community believe? The football player? Or the former mayor? And what do you say to the people who say that you were an adult, you were a mother and that you should have known? And the videos about to go viral in that small town. Giving her a new name, no longer just mrs. Lusk.

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{"id":20255467,"title":"A Harmless Texting Friendship Goes Too Far","duration":"6:54","description":"Act 2: Lusk's life changes one afternoon in her daughter's bedroom with 14-year-old Bubba Frank.","url":"/2020/video/harmless-texting-friendship-20255467","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}