Michael Jackson: 'I'm Not a Jacko'

The singer talks to Barbara Walters about his treatment by the paparazzi and tabloids.
1:11 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Michael Jackson: 'I'm Not a Jacko'
Genetic I -- outpace the -- Out race -- yes they aren't they chase assignment scooter. Rare. Cutting unemployment and I active driver to slow down a jump -- it it's gonna kill us. Florida. -- -- at me. Until. He jumped up carton yells at the. There is that -- Dual in line and publicity -- -- albums. Contract will want to again but you can't always control the president can't -- everything. You can't invite them and again and again and then at a certain point close them out. How do you do that what is -- lot. But by doing that this -- -- time this. This you should not do you should not say he's an animal he does she not say he's -- I'm not Jacko I'm Jackson. I do you feel. -- whacko Jacko or at that conference English tabloid. I have a hard and I am feeling I feel that -- do that not ninth. Don't when. I'm not a lack.

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{"id":19170412,"title":"Michael Jackson: 'I'm Not a Jacko'","duration":"1:11","description":"The singer talks to Barbara Walters about his treatment by the paparazzi and tabloids.","url":"/2020/video/michael-jackson-says-im-not-a-jacko-19170412","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}