Police body cameras capture aftermath of college party shooting: Part 2

While three of his fraternity brothers were brought to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, Colin Brough died at the scene.
7:25 | 09/09/17

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Transcript for Police body cameras capture aftermath of college party shooting: Part 2
Now's the time for a better moment of proof. Ask your doctor about Victoza??. There's a guy outside and he's shooting people. One male, actively shooting. People down. I didn't know what was going on. I realized I was bleeding out on the floor. Reporter: Had you ever seen a gun on campus? No I have never seen a gun on campus until that night. Reporter: Are there any smells or sounds that you remember? Screaming, there was a lot of commotion. Reporter: In the first blast of gunfire, junior Colin brough is shot in the chest and in the shoulder. And Nick piring is shot in the shoulder and the hip. I could see Colin from where I was, and I was yelling 911, like, someone call 911. The parking lot where the shooting took place, there's a dormitory that overlooks it, and a lot of people had their windows open, so they could hear what was happening. Reporter: So you are second floor up, second window in right there? Yes. Reporter: Okay, I mean that's as close as you can get. That's within spitting distance. The gunshots were pretty apparent. Reporter: Miqui Scollard, a sophomore at Nau, jumps from her bed and runs down to the parking lot into a crowd she doesn't know with bullets still flying. You begin to see people on the ground here. Yes, and the first person I see is Nick. He's laying here and I'm like, where are you hit? Like where are you hurting and he's like my shoulder. I see his shirt, and he's got a pretty big bullet wound there so I put my left arm, my left palm on his shoulder. Reporter: What miqui doesn't realize is that at this moment the shooter is still on the scene, right behind her. And before you know it there was more gunshots. Reporter: So you literally administering first-aid to somebody who had been shot? Yes. Reporter: And then you heard gunshots behind you? And I hear gunshots again and I said, he's still shooting. Don't move, don't scream. Reporter: That's when the two fraternity brothers Nick prato and Kyle Zientek were hit. Afterwards I remember looking to my left and the boys that I now know from the shooting were screaming, stop shooting! Stop shooting! I remember one saying, he dropped the gun. He dropped the gun. Before you knew it, we had officers on all of us with guns in our faces. Code three. Reporter: Nau police begin arriving with body cameras rolling. Every second of the aftermath is caught on tape. Check that kid back there. Multiple victims. I am going to need three or four ambulances at least. Reporter: This video shows the chaos still unfolding, the young boys bleeding, lying shot on the ground. Miqui Scollard applying pressure to Nick piring's wounds. And on the other side right there, a quick glimpse of frantic 18 year-old on the ground, but this one is being handcuffed. Turn around, on the ground, on the ground. Please go help them officer, please. Please. Please go help tm, I'm so sorry, please. Please go help them. Help me. I'm so scared. I have one detained. He identified himself as the shooter. Reporter: The hysterical student on that body cam is Nau freshman Steven Jones. He had only been on campus a few weeks. I'm so scared. I want my mom. Is your name Steven? Yes, sir. Have a seat. It's just a very, very raw moment which obviously he probably doesn't know he's being recorded. I have the suspect in the back of my car right there. You identified yourself to me as the only, as the shooter. There's nobody else involved? No, nobody but me. I take all responsibility. Okay. Reporter: Officers begin securing the scene, searching through the nearby dorm, outside paramedics work to save the four badly injured college students. I was just looking up in, into the sky. Just screaming at the sky. Reporter: What were you able to see? I could just see Colin like in the rocks at that point and just unconscious. I remember yelling at the paramedics to go help him. I guess there was nothing they could do for him. Reporter: 20-year-old Colin brough lay dead on the ground. While his three fraternity brothers are raced to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. But in the back of that squad car the suspect Steven Jones isn't acting like a deranged rampage shooter, more like a distraught kid. Oh, my god. Reporter: Repeatedly begging for his mom. I'm so scared. Can I call my mom? We'll call your mom for you. We just got to figure all this stuff out first. Stand by real quick. Reporter: 500 miles away in Colorado, another mother and father are about to get devastating news. We really never talk about that day together. Reporter: Even to each other? Mm-mm. Our youngest, Doug, came down and he had gotten a text that there's a shooting at Nau. First thing I did was text him. Reporter: What time is this? 6:23 in the morning. Reporter: You remember the exact time of day. Yeah. I called the flagstaff police, and they said the Nau police were handling it. So I got to the Nau person that was handling it and she told me Colin had passed. It was just like a bad dream and I kept thinking, this isn't real. Like, this isn't -- this can't be. Reporter: And then what's your next move? Do you try to fly right away to flagstaff? You don't move. You -- Yeah. You don't move. Everything stops around you. Everything. Reporter: While Claudia and Doug brough descend into a paralysis of pain, the community of flagstaff is reeling, trying to understand how this could happen here and why. Did you know at the time, that night, that it was a student? No. Reporter: That had done the shooting? I had no idea. Reporter: But it is a student, and when he's led into a police interrogation room cameras continue to roll. The college freshman, with blood on his hands, literally. But was the terrified teenage gunman actually fighting for his own life? The story he tells police, and the blurred lines between murder and self-defense, up next.

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{"id":49713788,"title":"Police body cameras capture aftermath of college party shooting: Part 2","duration":"7:25","description":"While three of his fraternity brothers were brought to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, Colin Brough died at the scene.","url":"/2020/video/police-body-cameras-capture-aftermath-college-party-shooting-49713788","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}