Robin Roberts' Journey: A New Life

Part 5: After relaxing in Key West, Roberts reflects on her journey with her friend Diane Sawyer.
7:56 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for Robin Roberts' Journey: A New Life
I was finally starting to feel like my myself again. Almost ready to go back to the life I left behind. But I first wanted to take another step at trying to place the meaning of this experience of my life. I needed to huddle with my dear friend, diane, in the flesh. No, really. Some things never change. How much of your life has been spent watching me trying to get my buttons buttoned and the right thing here? Thelma and louise ride again. So when you wake up in the morning, what's different now? I would wake up and almost kind of, like, barely open one eye and go, "how am I going to feel today? Oh, I still feel yucky." So now, to wake up and to feel as close to normal as I have in such a long time. What is that close to normal? I feel pretty much like myself. I mean, but I'm in no pain whatsoever. I have always been an optimist, and I will say this to people who, when they're facing a tough challenge, being optimistic is like a muscle that gets stronger Do you think you can learn it, you can learn optimism? I think -- I think in time -- I think you can be aware of it. I've been -- I've been an optimistic person all my life, and I know that it drives some people crazy. You know, especially, you know, like morning. Morning people, like, "how can you?" I'd come in in the morning, and I still do now, and I'm like, "i love coming in." And I love the morning, and i love all that, and there are some people who are a little grumpier in the morning. I mean, apart from "don't talk to me," I don't know why you think I'm grumpy. No, no. But I think it can be. I think it's just easier if you -- if you've done it your life, or the majority of your life. I think it just makes it easier for when those tough times come along. The one time I thought you weren't trying to -- you weren't trying to make it okay for me was when you told me the story of the nurse and saying your name. I remember one particular evening not feeling well at all and just slipping away. And I was in a coma like state. And as clear as all get out, i hear my name, robin! Robin! And I remember, is that my name? I was somewhere different, and i just remember opening my eyes. And my sweet nurse, jenny -- because they always had a mask on, so I could only see their eyes. Her eyes were, like, this large. And she's just kind of looking at me. And how am I going to get through this? How am I going to be better? But -- did you think in that moment you had a choice, if she hadn't been there? I was thinking about my mom a lot. And in fact, truth be known, at first I thought it was my mom calling my name. I thought it was my mom. I thought it was my mom's voice. And then I realized, when i opened my eyes, that it was jenny, my nurse. And in a way, I think it was my mom's voice and not for me to come where she is now but to stay where I am. And I don't know, had jenny not been there, I was in that kind of just -- but boy, you know what? She was. It was shortly thereafter that i turned the corner. I definitely turned a corner then. And this week, I kept going. I share this morning, this day of celebration with everyone. She's the heart of soul of this place. And we know, she is just getting started. That is cute. Good morning, america. She makes me a happier person. These are the people you want in your life. And robin is that to me. She is a role model and how you deal with the struggles of lime. Do you think of it in terms of being free now? Is that now a useful way to think? What I'm facing nows different. My doctors have been cautious to use the word remission. I've been cautious to say that word, too. At this very moment, this day that I'm talking to you, diane, I do not have mds. I do not have preleukemia on this day. And that's all that I can control right now. My heart still beats very fast when I go see the doctor on a regular basis and the blood work is drawn and I wait for the results. Everyone says that dissipates over time. You don't have to go as frequently as more time passes. But it's nothing that's going to stay with me long-term. I can't -- then it's won and, you know, I'm competitive. I don't like to lose. I don't like to lose, and i don't want it to win. And if the fear overtakes me, then it wins. Then why did I go through all that? Did I go through all these last six months, all this pain, all this anguish, all this everything to sit here now and be in fear? Snowwhere is it written that we should not be happy. That you get extra bonus points at the end because I trudged along and did what you thought you should do. I want to be happy. Now, are there days? This is a good day. And there are some days you kind of havwhere it creeps in. Do you have something that you do when it does? What is it? Fear and doubt. All it needs is the eye of a needle to get through and it takes over. What do I do? I breath. Pat summit told me this. Left foot, right foot, breathe. Left foot, right foot, breathe. What do you see when you look in your eyes, your own eyes now in the morning? You know what? I see a strong woman. I know people have said that about me. But we all know our own insecurities, and we all know how we really feel about ourselves. I feel strength like I've never felt before. I do. I know how fortunate I was to receive such excellent health care. And it's a blessing I wish everyone could have when they need it. And if I learned one lesson yntd all others, it's with faith, family and friends, you are strong. Even stronger than you think. That was great. Let me sit down. Oh! It just makes you feel better. There is no place like home!

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{"id":18572596,"title":"Robin Roberts' Journey: A New Life","duration":"7:56","description":"Part 5: After relaxing in Key West, Roberts reflects on her journey with her friend Diane Sawyer.","url":"/2020/video/robin-roberts-journey-life-18572596","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}