Royal Baby: Lifestyles of the Rich and Royal

Amy Robach went to nanny boot camp to see what it takes to be a Buckingham Palace babysitter.
7:52 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby: Lifestyles of the Rich and Royal
Talk about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth for a British royal baby comes home to a lavish -- -- monuments. -- -- -- -- -- This thank you -- -- the business. -- tourism the tomb of the 14% of -- -- opinions. -- -- And while the palace has been predictably tightlipped about what the royal nursery will look like we had two -- -- spotted buying a 500 dollar bassinet from the babies -- home. This a London hotels we -- paid by the same family business that design nurseries for princes William and Mary. Are you giving people a sneak peek into what it might be like. If you were born into the royal family I like to think -- from six -- prince or princess yeah. But historic. The royal nurseries a domain where her parents -- -- This wasn't any terrorist any burial place they used to be Manning. His sister -- Nash remains NN national -- So are all those games now -- Democrats challenged thanks one day be king or queen thanked -- -- -- school from -- at the -- have to know how to conduct themselves. So as your courageous -- I decided to apply for the role as will caregiver. King. China's. -- yeah sure the -- Monday. You'll -- down but where can in New York City girl go to learn how to channel Mary Poppins. Nanny problems practically parent seeking it -- And exits the. Answer is here. I talked to wait in the beautiful English countryside -- -- About 100 miles west of London and lives -- -- college largely considered the harbor and -- English nanny. And what distinguishes and -- banning its ten year average yeah. It was -- us. The training the training is right past and say the -- -- -- Did you -- three years. Thankfully Norman was willing to give me a crash course on the UT. And -- training. You. To voice -- O'Hara. -- up and check minimal makeup. Check anyone had bearings -- have to be -- Statues and who makes -- its -- -- -- people when carrying children. Safety fast and low -- -- trying to. -- -- -- -- Only liked the distinctive and Maureen brown uniform complete with both time bill -- and white months. A look it's barely been updated since the college's conception in 1892. -- watch this space because we our thanks to sustain us restate what guy until excellent 1950s -- But -- -- Martin nineteenth modern nice and van carrying. As a mother of two and stepmother of three and I admit I was a skeptic could -- no matter how new lines. Tell me something about yeah I already know this -- does have the baby in case this is. Is like -- and possibly teens lose my goodness and yeah. Maybe that would -- -- -- hello yes. And I remind you know yeah this was -- nimble. And -- -- -- and check. -- -- -- -- Our. -- had -- practicing on the scene Ross and that apparently are. Look at -- in the wanderers. And then it was on -- inevitable nappy changing. That's British for diaper -- yeah and safe house. Or ten it's how we act on any way you guys don't -- news on news over here amber is. Seriously. -- -- -- -- it normally isn't a real nuisance. It's Elvis that it's packing tonight -- -- Every news the world so there's no white he's never -- a lot of work. -- -- -- I hate him. When he went with -- solicits nine minerals found lay Aurora high profile -- say the scales are exactly the sagging. Not exactly. Princes can be evil friend. So new englanders -- being any new -- mastering Taekwondo to ward off would be kidnappers. -- -- driving maneuvers. The -- of prying eyes of the paparazzi. It is intimidating to see how old. Much they know and perhaps how little we know -- parents. I didn't go to school for three years to learn how to take care of my children and most of his dad wouldn't and it's important -- Ethanol and that while she has the expertise -- facts to support the family and to listen to that needs and to be extremely flexible. -- flexible doesn't necessarily described it kind nannies the windsors had to yeah. No wonder the saying here is the hand that rocks the cradle rules the empire not -- was the most important person in the house and she knew it. -- she may have been a constitutional monarch. Music that was once overruled on a desert she would have since Charles -- his look. Authoritarian nanny Helen no nonsense like -- teams that -- and we went out that today will have something else. They nannies and ran the -- like every day. And Barbara -- a strict no looking about nanny -- famously clashed with Princess Diana over her unwavering -- That was -- -- jealousy between. And I'll tell -- Diana fund. That bonds was two -- on and then they run to -- Things. I'm happy. Good -- too much. So Obama was -- paving the way -- old problem. Who had her hands full with these point six -- dubbed wild by the London paper. So I didn't see this afternoon when he was known to students told -- not to do something hadn't kept doing it since she and the local. Wallop on the back side. But speaking volumes about the unbreakable bond between princes and their nannies was willing. Late last year canceling a string of high profile engagements to attend a couple of Powell's funeral -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a young murder charges lives -- and how important thing in the town. Me how much he loved him. It's that kind of bond these young women -- to -- with a family one day. I hear there's an ice bound lanes about. Okay. -- yeah you and they have not know it Norman colleagues that supersedes. All those codes of. Condo. And not okay and it takes isn't about this strict discipline -- sometimes that's. What really hopeful he hit some means womb carrying. Fun love thing. Somebody says oh well and I for the child's komando -- -- again talent and after wrong. -- more empowered his future month. --

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{"id":19268076,"title":"Royal Baby: Lifestyles of the Rich and Royal","duration":"7:52","description":"Amy Robach went to nanny boot camp to see what it takes to be a Buckingham Palace babysitter.","url":"/2020/video/royal-baby-lifestyles-rich-royal-19268076","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}