Six Seconds of Fame: An Interview With Vine Star Jessi Smiles

Gabriel: So a little over a week ago, you had a very special day when you met your guy for the first time in person along with thousands of your followers. How did you and Curtis meet?

Jessi: That night when I hit 10,000 (followers), me and a couple of friends thought, “Hey, let’s make #twerkforjessismiles and get it trending.” I think that’s how he found me because it was the number one trending topic and then he started commenting on all my stuff! I put on one post, “I just farted,” or something stupid like that and he posted back, “Oh my god, I love you.” He started following me and I freaked out. Ever since then it was flirty comments to each other, he tweeted me his number, then we were started with this cute flirty thing and then we both thought, “Wait, I actually like you.”

Gabriel: So then you decided to meet in New York and make it official?

Jessi: When our management found out that we were going to meet, they told us we have to make this into an event. It wasn’t meant to be that big of a thing so I was nervous about it. I thought there would be a lot people there to see us meet so I didn’t feel too comfortable about that. But it turned out amazing, it was a lot of fun.

Gabriel: Weren’t there thousands of people that showed up at Washington Square Park?

Jessi: Yes, which was bizarre and so nerve-wrecking! Because even though I was into drama in high school, I was never the lead role. So the fact that SO many people came out and everyone knew who I was and who Curtis was such an amazing thing and they were so loving and cared so much for us.

Gabriel: So that is when you realized you were popular?

Jessi: Yeah! My friend reminded me that I wasn’t even popular in high school. So it was weird when a bunch of people on Twitter asked me to be their best friend. Granted, I know people were just interested because I had so many followers, but a lot of them were genuine people that are like, “You’re so cool, let’s hang out.” so that’s pretty amazing.

Gabriel: Speaking of high school, were you always the funny girl?

Jessi: I was always cracking jokes, anyone can tell you that. If tomorrow Vine dies, I’m still gonna be that funny girl. It’s in my blood, I guess. I just crack jokes naturally and it sucks sometimes because I kind of do it during serious situations but it’s just the way I deal with things. It’s better to get by with the things in life if you can laugh about them, you know?

Gabriel: I think it’s that awkward/quirkiness that makes you so lovable.

Jessi: Thank you!

Gabriel: So do you get noticed now?

Jessi: All the time! I know in L.A. or Times Square there are a lot of people but I did not expect to be recognized with my huge sunglasses on. Even in Miami, I went to a Chipotle and we ended up not eating there because I freaked out about being verified (for the one million followers) and ran out of the store. So I decided to get sushi but I even got recognized there, and at a Starbucks. I wasn’t expecting this part of it, I don’t claim to be famous but people actually know me so it’s weird getting used to. Now I have to start wearing make-up wherever I go, which sucks, but it’s an amazing experience.

Gabriel: Have you gotten any endorsements?

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