Is Latin Grammy Nominee Carla Morrison Mexico's Answer to Adele?

PHOTO: Latin Grammy nominee Carla Morrison performs at Vive Latino 2012.PlayDiana Oliva Cave/Univision
WATCH Mexican Singer-Songwriter Carla Morrison Nominated for 4 Latin Grammys

If the songs by Latin Grammy nominee Carla Morrison make you feel like she understands exactly what it's like to fall in love and then go through a devastating break up, well, that's because she does. And she's not afraid to write about it or even relive some of those experiences on stage.

Call her Mexico's answer to Adele. "I feel like there is nothing to be scared about – to show your feelings, you shouldn't be scared," she told Univision News on the rooftop of her Mexico City apartment. "I think we come, all humans come, to life to experience all of these emotions."

Her album, Déjenme Llorar, which is up for Album of the Year, is full of welcoming melodies and authentic, heart-wrenching lyrics born out of her experiences last year when she was feeling abandoned in her relationship just as her career was taking off.

At the Vive Latino Festival last March her emotional music was clearly a hit: her performance drew a huge crowd, which outmatched more established acts. Even her surprise set on a smaller side stage was packed with fans who seemed to know every word to all of her songs.

The Tecate-born singer-songwriter's connection to her fans is a phenomenon: they don't just sing along with her, they also cry with her. As the artist told Univision's Aquí y Ahora in April, attending a Carla Morrison show in Mexico has become the new pretext to cry without shame. And she said that with a chuckle. She is a normal, happy person, she says, but remains unapologetic about expressing her feelings - happy or sad.

And that's working out well for her. This week, she received four Latin Grammy nominations. Back in March, we spent the morning with Morrison at her home studio while she rehearsed with her band for her Vive Latino Festival performance and took her dog Tino for a walk. The rising star spoke with us about her motivations, why she'd rather be in Mexico City than Los Angeles, her love for her neighborhood of Narvarte and cherishing the pleasures of everyday life.