Forever scarred: Tattoos and their stories are re-imagined in 'Pen & Ink'

Wendy: The crazier the story, the happier I am to draw the tattoo.

I know you both have tattoos, what's the story behind those? 

Isaac: I have nine tattoos, and each one marks a moment of my life... a friendship or relationship, an achievement, a memorial. My tattoos are a scrapbook of my life, and each one, even the ugly ones, maybe especially the ugly ones, are important to me.

Wendy:  I have two, and each mark a very different time in my life. sometimes they make me cringe, remembering the earnestness behind them. But that's why they're so great. Like a lot of other people's tattoos, they are a good reminder not to take myself as seriously as I used to.

Do you ever see this project becoming a book?

Isaac: I would love to see it become a book.

Wendy: Yes, I would say Isaac and I are fans of the book form.

Do you see this ever becoming a full time thing?

Isaac: Not really. This is a passion project. Making a book out of this would be nice, but we both have other projects we love as well, and that pay the bills and take up a lot of our time.

Wendy: It's really a project. as soon as something turns into a full time "job" it's not as fun. And as soon as it's not fun, we'll stop.

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