Bandwagon Fans at Heat-Spurs NBA Finals

PHOTO: Are Miami Heat fans really only bandwagon fans? We interviewed a few to find out.

The NBA Finals will wrap up tonight in South Florida, as the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs go head to head in Game 7.

Heat supporters are often criticized for a perceived lack of loyalty to their team, many times being called "bandwagon fans" -- only rooting for the crew when they're on a winning streak. That reputation wasn't helped Tuesday night, when fans streamed out of Game 6 a few minutes early -- and missed watching the Heat cap a historic comeback to force tonight's decisive game.

Is that fair-weather fan rap deserved? We went on the search to find the real Heat fans in the crowd outside Miami's American Airlines Arena. It was a little tougher than we thought it would be. See for yourself!

Time to confess: Are you a real Heat fan or did you jump on the bandwagon? Let us know your thoughts!

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