Morrissey's Mexican-American Mystique: Behind the Obssession With the Smiths Frontman

Cesee C., 36, a Queens native of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent who started listening to Morrissey as a 13-year-old, wasn't aware of a die-hard Latino fandom—besides her own.

"The melody of the music and his lyrics are really beautiful—that's what appeals to me, I don't know why it would appeal to any other Latino," she said.

San Diego-native Sergio Valencia, on the other hand, was very familiar with the cultish elements among Moz's Latino followers.

"It's a diehard fan base [spanning] from old to young," he said.

Sergio was on a business trip in D.C. and came up for the Friday show. He's seen Morrissey live eight times. He tries to catch a show whenever he travels and has gone as far as England to see him perform.

"The first song I ever listened to was a Smiths song," he recalled. "My brother picked me up from 5th grade and he was blasting "This Charming Man" in his car and I saw the 8th graders were all impressed so I guess he kind of had me from there."

Jessica Ruiz and Ernie Diaz came up from Miami, Florida for all three of Moz's local dates. (He also performed to sold-out audience at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday night.) Jessica, a fan since age 12, introduced Ernie to his music when they started dating about a year ago.

"He's a great lyricist and knows how to really transmit those feelings of sadness," Ernie said. "He seems to pin down situations that you've been in before."

As vegetarians, they also admire Morrissey's animal rights activism.

"He's very passionate in his beliefs—in his politics and his writing—and you have to respect that," Ernie said.

The Radio City show was both their first times seeing the singer live. Jessica had tickets to a 2008 show in Florida but he cancelled and hasn't been back since.

"You idolize this person for so long and then you finally see him," she said. "Words can't describe. You get the warm and fuzzies and you cry, of course, you cry a lot."

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