Books Celebrated Worldwide on April 23

PHOTO: Luis Coyoy (right) and his father Filadelfo Coyoy shop for books in Los AngelesPlayAlbert Sabaté/ABC/Univision
WATCH Books Celebrated Worldwide on April 23

Luis Coyoy and his family visited the annual Festival of Books over the weekend in Los Angeles to explore the latest in the world of books.

Luis, who reads as many as 40 books a year, picked up two more for his list.

"I like books that have good stories in them," he said.

On World Book Day we share a video of Luis (above) and poem (below):

An excerpt from "Good Books," by Edgar Guest:

Good books are friendly things to own If you are busy they will wait. They will not call you on the phone Or wake you if the hour is late. They stand together row by row, Upon the low shelf or high. But if you're lonesome this you know: You have a friend or two nearby.