SB 1070 Is Now in Effect: Meet an Arizona DREAMer Who Embodies the Struggle Between Obama and Jan Brewer Over Immigration Policy

"I think we're all concerned about the issue of unlicensed motorists being on the roads; that's a problem not only in Arizona, but across the country," Benson said. "But at the same time, the governor doesn't have the option of pretending that state law doesn't exist, or only enforcing the laws that we agree with."

That's a subtle dig at Obama. Unlike SB 1070, which became a law after it was passed by the Arizona state legislature, Obama's deferred action policy was a unilateral move made in lieu of the DREAM Act, a related bill that has floundered in Congress for more than a decade. While Obama has been able to mobilize the Justice Department on his behalf and had the backing of the Supreme Court in the SB 1070 ruling, he hasn't been able to win adequate support for a federal immigration bill on Capitol Hill.

That means a mixed bag for Arizona residents like Carlos Martínez, who can now come out of the shadows, but without the rights that accompany citizenship. "If I get a job offer in California, I'd rather go over there," he said. "It's more welcoming."

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