From Hollywood Nanny to "Non-Confrontational" Protest Artist

The young artist has also taken to disrupting images the educated art consumer would be familiar with. For example, Gomez painted a pool cleaner in painter David Hockney's piece "A Bigger Splash." Last month, the young artist held a show at UCLA called "Luxury Interrupted," which included the Hockney-inspired piece called "No Splash."

Gomez's work isn't just meant to preach to the Latino or immigration reform choir. Rather, he hopes to affect those who don't think about the issues his art addresses.

When a Secret Service agent allowed Gomez to keep up his art for nearly half an hour, he took it as a small victory.

"I usually don't allow anybody to do that, but I saw your family, and I liked it," the Secret Service agent told him, according to Gomez.

"The fact that I could get this agent, whose job it is to stifle that expression, to acknowledge the humanity in my piece, that was a victory to me," Gomez said. "I'm pushing an art form that helps this poisonous debate and promotes the pacifistic resistance that I really believe in."

CORRECTION: A prior version of this article incorrectly stated that Gomez no longer worked as a babysitter.

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