Analysis: How Can We Hate Arjona (If We Love Him So Much)?

Speaking of writing with a purpose in mind, during the course of the interview with ABC/Univision, Arjona rejected the suggestion that he wrote songs by design, trying to appeal to a certain female demographic. "No, no, no. I would never do that," he emphatically claimed. "I could write a song about a screw if you asked me to. Call me in an hour, and I'll have it for you, a song with a screw in it, but it would probably not stir emotions in anybody. At this stage in my career, the only songs I want to share with the world are the ones that move me first." Moved or not moved, the songs are sure to keep coming, regardless of what we think of them. And that is a good thing, says the always playful Stavans.

"Since when do we expect for our musicians to be married to the muses?" he asks, turning the accusation around. And then, with perfect aesthetic sense, he answers himself with a quip that would nicely fit into one of Arjona's songs.

"To expect for Arjona to write poetry like Borges or Quevedo is asking the cat to be a dog."

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