How Will Same-Sex Couples Fare Under Immigration Reform?

"Republicans are desperate for immigration reform. And embracing gay rights is a political plus, not a minus, for Democrats, as the President has already learned," reads a post on Americablog, a progressive, pro-gay rights site. "Combining the two is a win-win for everyone. Does anyone really think the Republicans are going to risk killing the very thing they're now most desperate for?"

However, it's worth noting that although official policy has been slow to change, day-to-day practices have softened somewhat. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has prioritized the deportation of violent offenders and repeat offenders, and her department has exercised prosecutorial discretion to avoid the deportation of some same-sex partners.

Not everyone is convinced that immigration reform will pass if LGBT families are included, however.

"We'll have to look at it," Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) told CBS. "We'll have to gauge how the majority of Congress feels. But that, to me, is a red flag that, frankly, we will address in time. We need to get broad consensus over on our proposal to start with. And there are a number of very difficult issues we have to resolve."

But Ralls thinks any immigration bill will be stronger with the support of the LGBT community.

"We're ready and willing to help pass immigration reform," he said, "and a bill that includes gay famlies is stronger."

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