Report: Immigration From Mexico Won't Go Back to Peak Levels

If the legislation creates a path to citizenship for the estimated 7 million undocumented Mexican immigrants living in the U.S., those immigrants will suddenly be able to visit Mexico without fear of being stuck on the other side of the border.

So in the period following the passage of a bill, we may see substantially more Mexicans traveling south rather than north. Cave spoke with people in a town located in the central Mexican state of Zacatecas, an area that has been a big source of immigration to the U.S. in the past quarter century, but where towns now seem bereft of potential migrants.

"J. Reyes Sanchez, 53, one of the men chatting near the church, said he wanted nothing more than to see his three children in the United States, and his American grandchildren, and a pathway to citizenship could let that happen," Cave writes.

He goes on to quote Sanchez:

"'They could come see their family, they could come see me,' he said. 'They'd practically be tourists here, but they need to come.'"

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