Opinion: Romney Secret Video Sums Up His Latino Problem

All this reminded me of what George W. Bush's Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez told us back in April about the difference between Romney and Dubya's ability to appeal to Latino voters. "Gov. Bush had some kind of personal quality that made it easier to connect with the Hispanic community, despite his privilege," he said.

Instead of channeling that empathetic quality and inspiring Hispanics that their faith in the American Dream is well founded, we're reminded of all the reasons why the GOP has a toxic image among three-quarters of Latino voters. Romney would have been better served to articulate how his vision of government could help the "47 percent" get ahead instead of writing them off as leetches on society.

Mitt Romney said in April (also at a private fundraiser) that his deep hole with Latino voters "spells doom for us." He repeated those comments in this most recent video, saying that the GOP has "some great Hispanic leaders" who will "help communicate what our party stands for" in a way that appeals to Latinos.

But this incident shows that Romney still hasn't come close to figuring it out how to do that himself.

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