From the Univision Vault: Sabado Gigante Through the Years

"Sabado Gigantes" host Don Francisco sits with slain singer Selena during her appearance on the show in 1995.PlayUnivision
WATCH Don Francisco and co celebrate 50 years on the air.

If you grew up in Latin America or in a Latino household in the U.S. , "Sabado Gigante " was undoubtedly part of your Saturday evening -- the jingles, the models, the product placement "seamlessly" inserted between segments, and the unforgettable "El Chacal de La Trompeta," a hooded executioner-type figure who blasts his trumpet to eliminate and embarrass singing contestants, have all made the show one of the most successful of Spanish language television.

Only a Hispanic variety show would have its audience particpate in a booty-shaking contest: "La Colita."

Every aspiring artist had to stop by Don Francisco's show. Enrique Iglesias and Paulina Rubio launched their careers in the Hispanic market in the US by going on "Sabado Gigante." Decades before reggeaton fever, El General from Panama was rubbing elbows with Don Francisco and even Shakira made the right of passage on the show eons before she was a blond crossover mega star.

For many Latinos, "Sabado Gigante" is still a staple, a weekly event that unites family members across generations. This week, "Sabado Gigante" celebrates 50 years of being on-air, officially the longest-running TV show in the world, according to the Guinness World Records.

We dove into the "Sabado Gigante" vaults at Univision and hand-picked some of the show's most memorable moments, including Sofia Vergara's first appearance, early Luis Miguel, Chayanne, and Gloria Trevi and the unforgettable Selena.