Analysis: Twitter Shaming Might Be Funny, But Is It Effective?

He also thinks the account serves a few purposes. It may make people less inclined to tweet nativist sentiments in the future. In addition, he argued that it "shows there's a broader problem in society that people are telling people to learn our language and don't even know the proper grammar themselves."

But, Demby, who admits that he found the @YourInAmerica account amusing, noted that a handful of teenagers posting overtly racist or xenophobic messages on the internet shouldn't be a journalist' primary concern. Rather, those pursuing nativist or racist agendas with the benefit of being well-educated and being in positions of power are the real threat.

In other words, there's nothing necessarily wrong with mocking idiocy for a good laugh, and BuzzFeed's account seems to have caught on. But, instead of going after teens calling the President the n-word or xenophobes who can't spell, why not take a serious look at New York City's "stop and frisk" policy or the effects of Arizona's SB1070? This is where today's journalists are truly needed.

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