Altinha, Rio de Janeiro's Unofficial Sport

In Brazil soccer is king but in Rio de Janeiro, altinha, a soccer spin-off is the favorite passtime.
2:44 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Altinha, Rio de Janeiro's Unofficial Sport
Of the more than 4500. Miles of Brazil's coast line. No stretch of -- is more famous than he'd -- the -- This stunning mountain -- date is immortalized in the song most of us recognize. Almost every single day deepening -- is flooded with beach goers looking to -- in some sun. Surf. And just relax. But others come looking to do this. It's cold -- -- -- and it looks simple. Just a group -- the ball on the water but it's something of a new phenomenon in recent years here in Rio. The -- -- -- here and you event you can get him. Laying out. The word loosely translates as a little higher meaning keep the ball in the year. And it is as it looks free -- juggling on the beach. This video produced by -- before the 2006 World Cup. Is a textbook example of the flair and creativity that comes from similar impromptu sessions. But if you ask -- natives about whether or not -- senior is emblematic of the entire country. They say it's more of a real thing or is they say -- -- That had yacht currently -- the carrier anchor outs -- the only thing you can honestly you. So a lot of credit unions like -- -- -- you know. Here and if any about you'll find the spirit about Kenya right behind me. The -- keep the ball up in the air as long as you can with -- using your hands. Some say it just comes natural to them. So I decided to give it -- try and figure why not. It could be that hard. Even with -- my soccer background I was nowhere near the level of skill of some of these players. And they were happy to remind -- fact. If you're looking for history belching -- like I was you won't find a written one. Just story after story that either makes no sense for just doesn't add up. Simply put it's one of those teams that simply came about. When I don't question -- -- say it's. Less yes approach it -- it. So if you find yourself in Rio anytime soon -- says to remember that it's a -- look at -- Yet she would that. If you don't remember. You'll learn soon enough good morning. Reporting from Rio de Janeiro and Jack -- for future.

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{"id":19511980,"title":"Altinha, Rio de Janeiro's Unofficial Sport","duration":"2:44","description":"In Brazil soccer is king but in Rio de Janeiro, altinha, a soccer spin-off is the favorite passtime.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/altinha-unofficial-sport-brazil-19511980","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}