Should Women Follow Angelina's Example?

Dr. Juan explains why you should or shouldn't be tested for the BRCA gene.
2:34 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Should Women Follow Angelina's Example?
How are you Romania fat question you know last week we talked about that and Allentown something -- -- ice mine that Angela and Tony. Mastectomy big news right yeah -- can -- explain it. She had a breasts removed in case she may have cancer in future. What is that about it. That is important the fact that she doesn't have breast cancer at this point in time what happened in Angelina states is that she has these gene mutation called BR CA. And women that have that mutation having sixty to 85% risk. Of developing breast cancer at some point in their lives so her decision was a very difficult one she said basically I don't want my kids. To go through a period in which I'm CA can -- died from from breast cancer -- just gonna remove my breasts. How do you plan that you haven't seen. It's a blood test I mean. People that have the immediate family members first degree relatives -- have died of breast cancer or have breast cancer. They can go and get -- these -- -- if. My aunt had breast cancer that she's her diet. And I someone that should take this blood test eventually how much. History of cancer he -- before taking. If she didn't have. Genetic testing. Then I don't think you need that. This is more for families in winch the -- third beyond the grandmother all had breast cancer in that particular case I would tell you for sure. Get genetic testing. OK. And now went there and moves to a lot of women and yet. Regular plastics exchange fake -- to replace an -- I think. Think what she did was she took a a flap or abdominal. Fat and actually. Transplanted. To -- transplanted these fat with the blood vessels into her breast so it feels more natural it keeps that vascular -- And she just need a an implant some women as a supposed to getting this procedure. Might decide that they just want an important and that's that's what they do but it's very important lenders and planned for that reconstructed face. Before making a decision to go -- if the radical mastectomy. Thinking you're welcome.

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{"id":19182094,"title":"Should Women Follow Angelina's Example?","duration":"2:34","description":"Dr. Juan explains why you should or shouldn't be tested for the BRCA gene.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/angelina-jolies-mastectomy-19182094","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}