LGBTQ Forum Brought To Latino Community

LGBTQ forum brought to Latino Community
2:08 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for LGBTQ Forum Brought To Latino Community
And. I don't get to go -- you can -- me. Ahead that's exactly and I -- Canadian. This -- the first event. Can't what I could. At the -- -- alliance brought together LG BT youth and their parents in the Boyle heights neighborhood of Los Angeles before we can talk about marriage equality -- -- community. We -- to talk about and we acceptance the event took place in the heavily Catholic and socially conservative community we need to be able to top sue -- to -- -- In the language and terms Afghanistan. Nobody will say -- gay voting that's another thing about. -- this excitement that isn't for me he is cast. -- shared. Our family situations. With members -- profoundly who are LG BTQ. We're talking about his sources that there that you didn't little fun gate. In Elgin -- homophobia. And preconceptions. Conceding that community. And how we can this album and actually strengthen our families in our community let alone several months didn't the end of -- We need to be intentional about creating be safer communities for everyone that that lives -- them because outside. My home really I don't CFC space. The forum represents an important step towards creating those spaces within the Hispanic community. However in many families like for Kevin Vasquez is significant gap remains. Did you pick him today to be -- good news did you -- great -- I can -- -- -- play on my hands. But I guess since we don't talk about it I feel I'm really operate. After my hands on mom piggy bank. Did you both come to. You know this is. Related to rising need to do us both my -- My identity and -- team. This is that I -- that I don't Billy -- asking.

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{"id":18940233,"title":"LGBTQ Forum Brought To Latino Community","duration":"2:08","description":"LGBTQ forum brought to Latino Community","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/lgbtq-forum-brought-latino-community-18940233","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}