Mexican Photographer Yvonne Venegas Is Searching for the Perfect Mistake

Yvonne Venegas' photographs are currently on display at Mexico City's Museo de Art Carrillo Gil.
5:00 | 11/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mexican Photographer Yvonne Venegas Is Searching for the Perfect Mistake
Hi I'm -- long -- -- I am a photographer from Tijuana Mexico we're here in Mexico City. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Titled Lucas has not going this -- eyewitnesses you'll never be younger than this day. And -- -- gonna give you little to -- I like to photograph things that happened between the perfect moment and that. Mistake there's something in between those two moments that and -- -- and make it on its unexpected most of the time. Another part is a social class -- specific social class I'm interested in in people who. -- very clear idea of how they want to be seen so sometimes that doesn't have to do with specifically the middle class the upper -- but it's around those few sort of hearts and I -- I come from to plan to which is aspirin plays because we have. The best of both worlds again as we have and the the that -- Mexico. And I never actually felt like like -- -- both my feet on the ground in one place I think that I see it more. A combination of American Mexican when I feed mixing cultures so. I think about class and I think about. Such wealthy people meaning in this country being something a bit absurd. And I like to see it more as a -- -- more something that could be fiction I like to keep things that. Could be a movie that could be in movies have. Her first -- problem -- -- Something I grew up with identical thing for certain things. We always -- a intense relationship. We were put into roles like the good girl that Pat Carroll kind of rules so we can grow up a happy couple. We both knew. We headed our dream -- -- well inner and whatever which has Tuesday that we had decided it was -- -- it's -- -- and we did think it was going to be anything. Through our work through finding a tool. We were identified people could identify people who we're gonna be -- -- in -- -- we're actually going to be. Something accounts are going to be the end of musician -- -- on the photographer and that kind of -- Since -- to have friendship. Precisely. When my sister came out with her first pop album and everybody means she was. We we have fights and I couldn't we didn't see each other for a long time. So we're kind -- each other and I kept running into her image constantly not only in the on the wall. But also in people the way they looked at me they silence her it was animals I can relax I could never escape. They couldn't have retired to a quarter and to forget about it. It just became sort of this this condition that that I was living with. So that gave me a whole theory about celebrity and he got experience it was just too intense. Just the idea of losing my private space -- to the group two months and have thought about it before it never thought that. When Allen on the street I have had a private space so and that the problems that I wasn't even with an average of thank. -- consequence of my -- celebrity that. This kind of thing to happen to me she apologizes to that they -- -- sorry I'm sorry you know it's no coincidence that. When that was happening. I did -- -- We got access thing. Soap opera called and then that -- that series if from the candidates invited me to do so it was. Perfect timing and and I south. In anything can also mean. And on Photoshop or something it hasn't worked on him and then he's sentenced -- -- You know the official image of Kennedy -- very different from -- -- -- sentence. So really nice to have the opportunity to work -- these actors that are usually seen in. Perry finished way and sort of -- I keep feeling like someone from declines you know and I mean a thing I keep feeling like the -- to climb out that. Is -- which you really wants today and and I think that that's what I get from. You know. And other like even students or. -- people who like the work that we do or whatever I think I kind of seat. That economic one direction which is the ones that I have decided to follow. And that's that's I think that's -- if people see me like they got the right idea if they -- I don't --

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{"id":17773199,"title":"Mexican Photographer Yvonne Venegas Is Searching for the Perfect Mistake","duration":"5:00","description":"Yvonne Venegas' photographs are currently on display at Mexico City's Museo de Art Carrillo Gil. ","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/mexican-photographer-yvonne-venegas-searching-perfect-mistake-17773199","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}