Saving Pets, One Life at a Time

Harris Bloom created his own non-profit to rescue animals from shelters.
3:15 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for Saving Pets, One Life at a Time
And the. This economy I don't flew an avid animal rescuing -- that -- -- normally is. I actually rescued. Nobody bull. You. -- it is Boehner but -- -- -- -- -- -- pain is new -- Let me -- I think. In 2000 and eight I was looking stewing in the park. -- -- and he's. -- -- time idea -- -- -- was outside the park. Riverside. Was hit by a carton. And to make it. Upon hearing about the situation at the shelter and on the plight of homeless animals. Sensing. Do more -- my wife's help she's decided that you don't negotiate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that started rescuing his name and hence -- Christie came into existence. Go into the ACC board meetings has become. It's sort of something I've known for. We -- villains in film -- the field we bill president bill that rescue crews had pulled the line. This does this my phone numbers listed unless he sees its. His illicit. The ACC puts together of the -- -- -- cats that are scheduled to be killed the next morning it gets leaked to a group. On FaceBook known as urgent. And they post the list -- those are sick. And they you know they depend on people to pledge money to help them out in order for them to what's called pulling the animal -- united the shelter. -- -- -- -- The other night I pledged fourteen pimples. -- and -- that were found together roaming. Streets there. How -- accurate patient. Didn't it have been hammered today and let him and -- It's -- Rick -- -- -- and his generous donation. Have an apparent well that's ago and got -- -- that they need -- And it got so without the recipe years happy and healthy without those donations. And now we work. Solely on that means it's -- -- -- able to rescue them save their lives about it. No nothing will bring -- that. You know. At the very least something has come out of it.

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{"id":18924294,"title":"Saving Pets, One Life at a Time","duration":"3:15","description":"Harris Bloom created his own non-profit to rescue animals from shelters.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/nonprofit-rescues-dogs-york-city-18924294","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}