Obama's Four Must-Have's in Immigration Reform Bill

From Mexico, Pres. Obama talks about four essential elements in the immigration reform bill.
1:42 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Obama's Four Must-Have's in Immigration Reform Bill
What is it that you think and I can get in this in in this Phelan as you know -- -- we have somebody said that the senate bill would not pass in the house so well what compromises to gonna have to be -- -- order to get this going. Did you order do we wouldn't be very Smart meters say right away when I -- I'm not -- -- there. You know so what will do is continue to work with -- senators from both parties to try to get the senate bill passed. I think that the bill that was presented by the so called gang of rate. Was. A good. Piece of work that met my core. Requirements for. Conference -- immigration reform. There were details and it that I didn't like there were details of -- but I liked. I know that's true for senator rubio and for senator Schumer and Senator McCain and everybody who was involved -- was wire. It was it was a tough negotiation. Now the process is going through committees. It's gonna go to before there will be amendments so -- let's see what emerges before we start judging. The actual product. But what all be watching for it is to those -- things that I mentioned. A path toward citizenship. Making sure that were. Fixing legal immigration system dealing reporters and dealing with employers. If those components are there. Then. I would expect that not only -- be supportive but also I think we can get through the house and the right thing to do it's the Smart thing to --

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{"id":19104353,"title":"Obama's Four Must-Have's in Immigration Reform Bill","duration":"1:42","description":"From Mexico, Pres. Obama talks about four essential elements in the immigration reform bill.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/president-obama-mexico-interview-19104353","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}