Bin Laden Shooter Reportedly Speaks: 'That's Him, Boom, Done'

The Shooter had apparently never seen the high-tech stealth Blackhawk helicopter that carried them to the objective before. "The odds just changed," he said. "There's a 90 percent chance we'll survive... I didn't know they were sending us to war on a f*****g Decepticon."

As in "No Easy Day," written by another SEAL on the raid, the Shooter praises the point man on the third floor of bin Laden's compound for tackling two women that the SEALs suspected were wearing suicide vests. "It was the most heroic thing I've ever seen."

The pictures of a fallen bin Laden are gruesome. "The American public doesn't want to know what that looks like."

The female CIA analyst who was sure bin Laden was in the compound was the recipient of the Shooter's rifle magazine after the raid. It held 27 bullets, only missing the three that struck bin Laden.

A cache of opium was discovered in several duffle bags under a bed in another room of the compound.

The Navy SEALs did whisper bin Laden's son's name before shooting him, but did not whisper for bin Laden, as shown in "Zero Dark Thirty," the Hollywood dramatization of the hunt for the al Qaeda leader.

Other complaints about "Zero Dark Thirty": During the raid, the SEALs do not talk that much, and would never yell "Breacher!" when they need a door taken out.

The Shooter's children refer to Osama bin Laden as "Poopyface."

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ABC News' Luis Martinez contributed to this report.

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