Naomi Campbell Partied With 'Blood Diamond' Actor After 'Blood Diamond' Testimony

On Tuesday, defense attorney Griffiths said he wondered how "chit chat between three women could come to feature so prominently in the trial of a former president on very serious charges of war crimes." He suggested White had "the most powerful motive for wanting to lie against Naomi Campbell, the motive being several million dollars of lawsuit."

White also claimed Monday that after the dinner, Campbell was in contact with representatives of Taylor, and that she knew they had gone from Pretoria to Johannesburg to collect some diamonds. White said that after the men came to Campbell's room, she and Campbell welcomed the men and gave them cokes. The men then gave Campbell "a scruffy piece of paper," according to White, that contained the diamonds.

Campbell was "quite disappointed because they weren't shining," said White.

White also said it was her idea, and not Campbell's, to give the diamonds to charity. Campbell testified Thursday that she had given the diamonds to Jeremy Ractliffe, the then-director of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, and Ractliffe later confirmed that he had received some uncut stones from Campbell. Ractliffe gave the diamonds to South African special police on Thursday.

Both White and Farrow were present at the dinner in September 1997 at which Campbell and Taylor met. Before White took the stand, Farrow testified that Campbell knew exactly who sent her diamonds after the dinner. Defense lawyers responded by playing an ABC News report on the alleged "blood diamond" gift that aired on Nightline, and tried to suggest that it showed Farrow was biased.

Farrow told the court what happened at breakfast the next morning: "[Campbell] was quite excited and she said last night I was awakened by someone knocking at the door. They were men sent from Charles Taylor and they gave me a huge diamond!"

Campbell testified Aug. 5th that at breakfast, Farrow told her the gift must have been from Taylor because no one else at the dinner could have given her uncut diamonds.

"Did you tell Naomi Campbell that the diamond or diamonds came from Charles Taylor?" Prosecutor Nick Koumjian asked Farrow on the stand Monday.

"Absolutely not. Naomi said they came from Charles Taylor," Farrow replied.

Farrow told ABC News that she saw Campbell the morning after the dinner. According to Farrow, Campbell was "all a-twitter" when she recounted how she was given "a huge diamond" by Taylor's men in the middle of the night.

In court Thursday, Campbell denied discussing the size of the diamonds after receiving them. She said she had breakfast with White and Mia Farrow the morning after receiving the pouch, and that one of the two women suggested to her then that the gift must have come from Taylor because no one else at the dinner would've given her such a gift.

Campbell Denies Receiving Diamonds

When ABC News asked Campbell about the incident at New York Fashion Week in February, she denied ever having received a blood diamond.

"I didn't receive a diamond and I'm not going to speak about that, thank you very much. And I'm not here for that," said Campbell.

She stormed out of the interview, slapping a producer's camera.

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