President Barack Obama: Pakistan Should Honor Immunity for 'Our Diplomat'


Pakistani Official Invokes Vienna Convention, Taliban Makes Threats

Obama's comments echoed a statement from the spokesperson for Pakistan's ruling party, who invoked the Vienna Convention and diplomatic immunity for the first time Monday as a possible avenue for the U.S. to secure Davis' release.

Fauzia Wahab, a spokesperson for the Pakistan Peoples Party, said that no diplomat can be kept in captivity and that Davis has an official diplomatic visa. The U.S. State Department has been demanding Davis' release based on the same points since his arrest.

Wahab's comments came a day after the Taliban issued a threat on the lives of anyone involved in Davis' release.

"Whether he is a judge, police, lawyer, army, policy maker or a politician, we will target him. We will kill him," a Taliban spokesman told The Associated Press Sunday.

Pakistani Officials: Shooting Victims Were Members of Pakistani Intelligence

Davis has become a political and intelligence football: he is caught between a federal government ruled by the Pakistan Peoples Party and a Punjab government led by the opposition, which is more skeptical of U.S. policies.

He's also caught in an intelligence power game because, according to Pakistani officials, he killed two men working for Pakistan's premiere intelligence agency. The agents, officials said, were following Davis because they suspected him of spying.

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