NYPD Issues Another Request for Help in Times Square Bombing

The New York City Police Department asked for public help Wednesday in running down information on a 10-speed-style bike that they hope could lead to the Times Square bomber.

The police issued their request in time for the one-month anniversary of the bombing, which is Thursday. The bombing occurred at about 3:45 a.m. on Thursday, March 6. So far, the police department, sources say, has little in the way of hard leads.

"It's a 10-speed-style Ross bike, blue in color," said Lt. Dennis Briordy, who noted that the bike used in the Times Square bombing differed from the bike used in the Mexican Consulate bombing in 2007 and the British Consulate bombing in 2005. In those prior cases a mountain-style bike was used.

"I can't clearly tell you that these things were linked," Briordy, commander of the arson and explosion squad said. While the bikes appear different, the use of bikes and other elements in the three bombings, including the use of low-explosive powder, homemade "hobby fuses" and military-style casings -- hand grenade cases in the first two instances and an ammo box in the Times Square incident -- were similar.

Asked if he believed this bike was used by the Times Square bomber, Lt. Briordy said, "This fits the description."

The bike, a Ross bike, was made in the 1980s. It has no identifying markers with the exception of a "Yonkers Cycle Center" sticker and handlebars that had the original grips removed and were rewrapped with black tape. The Yonkers Cycle Center has been out of business for about 12 years.

"The totality of our investigation leads us to believe the perpetrator was on a 10-speed-style bike, and the bike was discarded in the area," Lt Briordy said. "It's a common sense approach."

Police are hoping that someone's memory will be jogged, by a reminder of the sticker and the rewrapped grips, on this bike. Briordy also said that because the bike is in good condition, it would appear it was kept out of the weather -- in a basement, for example. They hoped that someone might remember seeing it at a recent yard sale or other venue.

New York City Police ask anyone with information to call 1-800-577-TIPS. A $15,000 reward is posted for information leading to the arrest of the bomber.

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