Execution is Imminent for Bali Nightclub Bombers

"Extremist Islamist ideology represents an existential threat to the global economy and modern civilization - and to people throughout the world," says Taylor. "This ideology serves as a means to expand political, economic and military power, to harvest that power in the cause not of religion but of those who are using religion to expand their own power here on earth. It's extremely dangerous."

"It is true that Nasir has done an extraordinary job going around to these prisons, but there are a lot of people that don't want to see him, don't want to talk to him, and don't want to accept any aid from the police," says Jones, "and those are the people to worry about."

Abas plans to visit his unrepentant brother-in-law before his execution, the date of which will not be published until afterwards. "I have many things to tell him," Abas tells ABC News.

"My personal feeling, I feel sad because when he is being executed – my sister will be a widow, my nephew also will lose their father," he says, "I feel sad also because God did not open up his mind."

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