TIMELINE: Edward Snowden's Life As We Know It


2006: Writing online under the username TheTrueHOOHA, Snowden allegedly posts on a forum that despite not having a high school diploma, "employers fight" over him because of his computer talent and networking skills. In another post, he lists the countries in which he would like to live in order: Japan, Thailand, Korea, China and Australia. (Source: Arstechnica.com)

March 2007- February 2009: Snowden serves undercover with the CIA in Geneva, Switzerland "maintaining computer network security." He claims it was here, after allegedly learning of a dangerous CIA recruitment gambit, that he first becomes disillusioned with U.S. intelligence. (Source: The Guardian, Switzerland's Federal Department of Foreign Affairs)

2009: Snowden says he left the CIA for the private sector, getting a job working as a contractor for the NSA in Japan. (Source: The Guardian)

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Summer 2009: A man named Edward Snowden attends one term in the Asia Program at the University of Maryland University College. A source who shared information with ABC News on the condition of anonymity said the program was in Tokyo and the man who attended is the same one sought by U.S. officials. (Source: ABC News sources, University of Maryland University College)

February 4, 2010: TheTrueHOOHA writes online that society "really seems to have developed an unquestioning obedience towards spooky types… Did we get to where we are today via slippery slope that was entirely within our control to stop, or was it [a] relatively instantaneous sea change that sneaked in undetected because of pervasive government surveillance?" (Source: Arstechnica.com)

2011: Snowden works towards, but never receives, a Master's Degree at the University of Liverpool by taking online classes, including taking a class in computer security. (Source: University of Liverpool)

January 2013: Snowden contacts documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras anonymously offering to share information on the intelligence community. The next month, he contacts The Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald and around the same time, Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman. Greenwald and Gellman have given conflicting reports on the order and content of the communications. (Source: Salon.com, The Guardian, The Washington Post, POLITICO.com)

March 2013: Living in Hawaii, Snowden gets a new job with the technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton working at a secure NSA facility. (Source: Booz Allen Hamilton, The Guardian)

May 20, 2013: Telling his employers he needs some time off and giving a vague excuse to his girlfriend, Snowden skips town and flies to Hong Kong. (Source: The Guardian)

June 6, 2013: The Guardian publishes its first story based on information allegedly obtained from Snowden. The story reveals a top secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court document compelling Verizon to hand over phone records for millions of its customers in the U.S. A flurry of news reports from The Guardian and The Washington Post on other secret programs follow.

June 9, 2013: Snowden steps from the shadows in Hong Kong in a taped interview with The Guardian, saying he leaked information on the NSA's "horrifying" surveillance programs because he doesn't "want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded." Snowden then disappears again in Hong Kong. (Source: The Guardian)

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