Intel Heads Pause Over Benghazi Question

FBI head eventually claims 'progress' in hunt for perpetrators.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Intel Heads Pause Over Benghazi Question
And can anybody at the table tell -- when somebody will be held responsible for the murders him in Gaza. But I can tell you congressman is that this is a top priority FBI we've made progress on the matter. I'm not at liberty to talk about the it's a difficult investigation of one we've invested a lot of resources in and that we've made headway -- and then when can we expect some. Movement. -- by movement you mean. Capped her custody killed detailing musician to answer that at this point are we going to. We will do everything in our power to make that happen we will never give up on this matter until we have the people responsible in our custody. No matter how long it takes no matter how long it takes a year two years. As long as it takes we do one thing we don't do the FBI's ever forget.

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{"id":22367308,"title":"Intel Heads Pause Over Benghazi Question","duration":"3:00","description":"FBI head eventually claims 'progress' in hunt for perpetrators.","url":"/Blotter/video/intel-heads-pause-benghazi-question-22367308","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}