White House Denies ’09 Fort Hood Victim's Request for Meeting With Obama


“The idea that the [2009] Fort Hood shooting was workplace violence is a lie,” Reid said. “They know it’s a lie. Everyone knows it’s a lie.”

In documents, the Pentagon obliquely referred to efforts to reduce “workplace violence,” including self-radicalization, to prevent another shooting like 2009. In a statement to ABC News earlier this week, the Army said that evidence has shown Hasan acted as a “lone wolf” and that “investigations… concluded that Nidal Hasan committed criminal acts of murder and attempted murder.” It wasn’t terrorism, the Army said.

The Army defines terrorism as the “calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.”

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The gunman in the most recent shooting, identified as Spc. Ivan Lopez, killed himself when confronted by military police in the midst of his rampage, military officials said. Hasan was found guilty of murder and has been sentenced to death.

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