Oval Office Eats for Just $500

Want to eat like a president? Well, here is your chance.

A New York hotel that has hosted every U.S. president since Herbert Hoover is launching a new tasting menu based on the meals served to commanders in chief.

Consider it your own little taste of history.

Take the roasted rack of lamb. The dish was served to President George H.W. Bush when he entertained British Prime Minister John Major in 1992. And the dessert -- the chocolate extravaganza -- was given to Bush's son, President George W. Bush.

Not a fan of the Bush family? No worries. The four-course meal also includes dishes served to Presidents Reagan and Clinton.

The scallop meal served to President Clinton at a Heads of State dinner in September 2000. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

But the meal isn't just about the food, it's also about the setting: the historic Waldorf Astoria hotel and its sister property the Waldorf Towers. The meal will only be available to guests of the Towers or those dining at the hotel's Bull & Bear steakhouse. The meal is served to guests on the same china used for visiting presidents and is delivered to their suite in white-glove fashion by personal butlers.

The rack of lamb served to President George H.W. Bush when he entertained British Prime Minister John Major in 1992. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

So how much for this four-course presidential menu paired with wine? Guests at the Towers will be charged $330 a person plus $150 for a butler shared for up to 10 guests. At least tax and tip are included in that price.

For those eating in the Bull & Bear, the meal costs $500 a person and includes private butler service, U.S. flags adorning the room, and presidential amenities for diners to take home with them. Reservations for this meal worthy of a presidential palate need to be made a week in advance.

ABC News was treated to a free sampling of the dishes in the Waldorf's presidential suite as Super Tuesday election results rolled in from across the country. While most of the talk around the dining room table in the 35th-floor presidential suite was about politics, the guests all seemed impressed by the wide range of presidential tastes. For instance, the fish prepared for Reagan was purposely simple to fit the president's dietary needs.

The steamed turbot served to President Reagan at a Heads of State Dinner for the United Nations' 40th Anniversary in 1985. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

Executive chef John Doherty, who has cooked for more heads of state and royalty than any other chef in the country during his 30-year tenure at the hotel, personally oversees the preparation of each meal. Doherty started at the Waldorf at age 27, right after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America.

Doherty said that when crafting a meal he has to deal not just with the president's tastes but with the dietary and religious restrictions of his guests.

"Sometimes I have to put my likes and dislikes aside," he said.

Doherty was tight-lipped about what the celebrity guests of the Waldorf enjoyed in their formal meals and their late-night munchies.

What did Paris Hilton and her siblings enjoy? Silence. How about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? No response. Oh, well, Doherty was there to talk about the presidential food anyway.

"George Bush Sr. was very adventurous and ate anything," he did let on. But that was about it.

The chocolate extravaganza served to President George W. Bush in 2007. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

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