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"To understand what customer service at Amazon was like you need first to understand the landscape it inhabited, both physically and spiritually. First, banish all standard notions of dot-com architecture -- no high-rise, no sexy racquetball courts or meeting rooms with Jacuzzis. This was Amazon, and that meant strict furniture Puritanism. A company that builds all of its desks out of doors has a high ethical of cheapness to uphold. The same was not true in every part of the company, but they'd never let the phone monkeys see that."

Working Wounded Mailbag:

"The worst thing a boss ever said? 'Terror is a great motivator.'"

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:
Which movie title best describes how you dealt with the last big change at work?

       Dr. No, 9.2 percent
       Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 28.2 percent
       How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, 62.5 percent

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