Business Innovation Means Unlikely Pairings

"Until the 1980s, employee loyalty meant punching the same time clock from diploma to grave. Whether the boss was a kindly father figure or an antacid-swilling SOB didn't matter. People shrugged it off and kept plugging away until they earned that nifty gold watch. No more! Today's employees have attention spans the length of an MTV video. They don't want your gold watch. They're Swatch employees; watches and jobs are of the moment, not for a lifetime. No wonder the average job tenure is 3.5 years and shrinking. But don't dismiss this Swatch mindset as youthful rebellion and wait for the GenExers to just 'grow up.' The Swatch attitude cuts across all age groups and has nothing to do with being raised by Big Bird."

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:

How do you feel about the next 10 years at work?

   Excited, 19.7 percent

   I stopped feeling at work years ago, 36.8 percent

   Drained, 43.4 percent

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