Quarterlife Crisis Hits Many in Late 20s

Robbins' book offers numerous examples of 20-somethings who have decided to take a risk to pursue their passion and find they're happier than they've ever been. She suggested that 20-somethings ask themselves what they would do if they won the lottery and didn't need to worry about money ever again. Her advice? Focus on that goal, be dogged in your pursuit of it and ignore outside, age-related, societal pressures.

Arnett puts things in perspective, "What's the hurry? Nearly everyone grows up and settles down by about age 30. The 20s are for trying out options, developing self-understanding and moving toward making more enduring choices. There's nothing wrong with that. They all get to adulthood soon enough."

Freedman agreed.

"I do know that one day I will 'grow up' and be settled, but somehow that doesn't lessen the pressures along the way," she said.

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