'Working Wounded': Are You Resilient?

       Excellent, 1.7 percent
       Good, 21.4 percent
       Terrible, 33.9 percent
       Mediocre, 42.8 percent

Winning Strategy

Our winning strategy for leadership comes from M.T. in Philadelphia, Pa.:

"I lead by looking for opportunities to develop new leaders. Recently I had a member of my team who was failing. He upset people and was very disruptive to the rest of the team. I came up with a simple strategy, I made him the chair of an important committee. He did a great job. One of the things I've learned is that as much of the disruptive behavior at work comes from people who are being under utilized as it does from people who are being over utilized."

List of the Week

Is this part of your vision … What you can do to become a better leader


      Maximizing values

      Challenging experience


      Building a constituency

      Making sense of experience

      Knowing self

Source: Gallup

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