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"After having been told of the company's sexual harassment policies by the senior HR director, and signing the company's policy statement to acknowledge my having been instructed and understood their policies, he wanted to introduce me to some of the department heads in other offices. As we proceeded to walk down the corridor several female employee's came out of an office and spoke to the director, a man of about 55 years or so. As they passed us, he placed his hands down by the butts of two of the ladies and made a squeezing motion with his hands while turning to look at me and winked his eye! I could not believe this! I did not laugh or say a thing. I'm thinking,' is this guy for real?' Is this a test? He was fired a year later for, sexual harassment."

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:
How does your organization treat its most influential contributors?

       Like gold, 13.7 percent
       Like crap, 23.8 percent
       Like everyone else, 24.1 percent
       It doesn't know who they are, 38.1 percent

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