Have a Question? Do the 'ChaCha'

"Fifty-five percent of people who try ChaCha keep using it, and on average consistent users use the system 40 times a month, or more than once a day," added Bostic, who said that the site has just started making revenue by linking to specific sites within their answers. For example, if a user asks about the release date of DVD, the responding ChaCha guide will not only tell them the date but send them a link to a site where they can purchase the film, he explained.

Personal Touch Helps ChaCha Stay Unique

David Griner, a writer specializing in social media at marketing agency Luckie & Company, told ABCNEWS.com that while ChaCha is not the first system to utilize humans as fact seekers, they are the most direct in doing so.

Mahalo.com describes itself as a "human-powered search," said Griner, but really they use real people to organize search results so that you only get the most accurate answers.

Twitter also has a sort of human answering service known as "AnswerMe" which lets you ask a question to a large Twitter audience, but there is no guarantee that those people answering have any idea what they're talking about.

"I'd rather ask a network of people I trust a question than hope one of the three million results on Google are right," said Griner, who said he's seen a trend over the past year of search engines utilizing humans to find answers. ChaCha's screening process of their guides adds to its legitimacy as an accurate source of information, added Griner.

ABCNEWS.com tried to stump ChaCha — but to no avail. When we asked whether Britney Spears had a shot at a comeback, ChaCha responded, "Britney Spears ruined her comeback at the VMAs." When ABCNEWS.com asked why Big Brown lost this weekend's Belmont Stakes, ChaCha responded, "It's still unclear, Big Brown's Trainer has said, 'I got no idea. I was looking for a problem, and so far I can't see a problem.'"

As for Nickow, she says she enjoys working for ChaCha not only for the extra spending money but also because of the opportunity to help people solve their burning questions.

Even so – Nickow says that working for ChaCha can be as stressful as any other more conventional job – especially when she gets an answer wrong.

"During the first few weeks I got a question that was asking about the relationship between Pokemon characters," said Nickow. "I have no knowledge of the Pokemon world and so I tried to find the answer but I guess I was wrong."

"I got an e-mail from [my ChaCha boss] quality saying that my answer wasn't accurate and to please try harder next time," remembered Nickow.

"I actually felt really bad," she said. "I was really upset that I had done a bad job and now this person is out in the world thinking these Pokemon characters are cousins – and they're not."

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