Motorola Takes a Cut at iPhone

"It astonishes me that no one has thought to brand the voice experience," Greengart said. "We all know that the primary thing we all use a phone for is to make phone calls."

Greengart, however, said he was a bit disappointed because there is an expectation that at some point Motorola will come out with a line of high-end multimedia products to compete with the iPhone and other similar products.

"I didn't see that today. I saw stuff I saw at prior events," he said.

The vast majority of growth today is in emerging markets where a lot of phones are sold, but with low profit margins, Greengart said. Those sales need to be balanced with the high-end market which is still the fastest growing segment and where each sale nets more profit.

Greengart said the new RAZR2 is a great middle market phone and that Motorola is still missing out on "the high-end stuff."

"I think people are going to walk into stores expecting to spend $50 on a RAZR," he said, "and they're going to start messing around with the iPhone and go ohhh."

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