Do It Yourself! Amateur Porn Stars Make Bank

That is true for Antoinette, who said that making the films fulfills a voyeuristic fantasy, but that the money doesn't hurt either.

"It started out as a voyeurism thing and that was the fun part. At first we were skeptical that it would really work out, but then we got our first check and realized this is real, we're really making money," she said.

Online porn is estimated to be as large as a $14 billion industry, and the studios that have long controlled content are already feeling the pinch of the homemade competition.

"There is no doubt that there is real money in user-generated and user-shared content," Yagielowicz said.

But the term "amateur" has long been co-opted by the studios. When the first true amateurs began posting images of themselves online in the early days of the Internet, porn companies found they could create similarly stripped down Web sites that looked like they had been created by the girl next door but that were really produced by the companies.

"Many so-called amateurs are not real amateurs. Most young voyeurs these days are posting their pictures on places like their blogs and MySpace. The studios have already figured out how to dress up real porn stars like the girl next door on single-model, subscription-based sites, so I would expect they'll do the same on user-generated, revenue-sharing sites," said Yagielowicz.

Joseph Jaffe, a media consultant and author of "Join the Conversation," a book about social media, said that porn companies have always been technology vanguards.

"From an innovation standpoint, porn, like gambling, has always been ahead of the curve. They're always forced to adopt new practices and ways of monetizing. Whatever the porn industry is doing today, that's where everyone else will be in five years," he said.

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