A Chase Customer with Alzheimer's Accuses Bank of Stealing Over $100,000


When her grandfather noticed the money was initially missing, he accused members of the family of stealing it. Then family members began accusing each other.

Williams said one reason why the rest of her family does not spend time with her grandfather is that "he still brings it up."

"He still says, 'They stole all my money.' He's 84-years old with Alzheimer's and dementia," Williams said. "After all the dirt and accusing, nobody wanted to be bothered with him."

But after pressing the local bank, Williams was told it was an "inside job."

"I'm positive it's someone from the company," she said.

Williams said the missing money has "ripped our family apart" and now "something has to be done about it."

"Everyone was pointing fingers," she said. "He pointed fingers at people when, all the time, it was inside the bank."

Green has bank statements that indicate the ATM transactions and bank transfers and now she hopes to recover the money that was stolen from her client.

"If you can't trust your money with the bank or a bank employee who can you trust it with?" Green asked.

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