Budweiser's Clydesdales: Inside Anheuser-Busch's Iconic Horse Breeding Operation

But Soto, who has done this for 33 years, said he develops a relationship with each new Clydesdale foal.

"They are like people," he said. "Once you get to know them and know their size and their facial looks and everything, you know who they are."

Every year, the top 30 mature Clydesdales born at Warm Springs Ranch, groomed at Grant's Farm in St. Louis and trained in Merrimack, N.H., tour the country. In 2012, three hitches of Clydesdales appeared at 120 events representing the Budweiser brand. Soto's son Eric drives one of the hitches.

The Clydesdale connection to the brand traces back to 1933 when August Busch Jr. surprised his father by having the majestic horses parade down a St. Louis street carrying beer to celebrate the end of Prohibition. The company has been breeding them since 1940.

"People love the Clydesdales and they are a symbol," said Rob McCarthy, the vice president of Budweiser. "They are the symbol of Budweiser, and they are the symbol of the company and, to many people, a symbol of the country. The spirit, the freedom of America is embodied in these majestic Clydesdales, and we are just so lucky to have them be recognized as part of Budweiser."

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