California Town Bans Smoking in Condos and Apartments That Share Walls


"I don't like cigarettes, and I've never taken a puff," he said. "My sympathies aren't with smokers because I am one, it's because of the huge growth in laws and punishments and government restricting people more and more." Illinois' criminal code was 72 pages long in 1965, he said; today it's more than 1,300 pages long. "The encroachment of government is astonishing," he said.

A look around the U.S. finds towns and cities busily regulating anything and everything:

Plastic bags will be banned in Los Angeles after the first of the year. They're already banned in San Jose, Calif.

Austin, Texas, bans both plastic and paper bags from grocery stores.

San Francisco tried to ban fast-food meals that came with toys.

Forest Park, Ga., in 2011 made it illegal to breastfeed in public a child older than 2. After public protest, the ban was lifted.

Cocoa, Fla., makes it illegal to wear baggy pants on city streets.

Palo Alto, Calif., makes it illegal to live in your car.

And under Section 63-19-2430 of the South Carolina code, it's illegal for a minor under the age of 18 to play a pinball machine.

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