Happy Mother's Day: 10 Cars Women Will Love


For instance, the ability to pair a phone with an iPod in something like the Kia Optima Hybrid does much to attract the younger set, she says.

Failed Attempts Automakers have made a number of tries to design cars specifically for women. In the 1950s Dodge made a pink and lavender coupe called La Femme. Among other girlish accessories, it came with a pink leather handbag and matching compact with rain cape and umbrella.

The truth is that La Femme was mostly for show--Dodge produced just 3,000 units over two years. Women and their husbands would visit showrooms to see it up close but then buy something more practical.

More recently in 2004, Volvo made a concept called the YCC (Your Concept Car), which was engineered by a team of women for women.

It featured auto-opening gull-wing doors, easy-clean paint, run-flat tires, an exterior washer-fluid filling point, computerized parking assistance, automatic diagnostics and notification of needed service, among other stereotype-based "female driver" amenities.

It was never made.


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