Food, Grocery Bargains Available in January

The fresh ones are from the peak of the season in South America, where it's summer. Prices will likely remain the same, but buyers will get a lot more fruit -- from those 6-ounce boxes up to a pint, 2 pints, even "5 pints, as we hit our seasonal peak," Parker says.

Salad greens, yogurt, soup and juice

Vowing to eat more yogurt and salads in January? You're in luck.

"Salad greens and cooking greens are very popular in January," says Parker. "People adjust their diet."

And while supplies are up and down in mid-winter, "that will be offset by promotions," he says.

Because supplies and prices vary, "the advice I offer is: Don't be married to a particular variety," Parker says. "Wait until you get into the store and shop the sales."

Another good buy this month: yogurt.

"Yogurt is a big deal in January," says Parker. Expect specials and promotions all month with discounts of 20 percent, he says.

Also on sale: Those foods that you turn to when you're feeling under the weather. Look for up to 20 percent off on soups and up to 25 percent off fruit juices, says Parker.

Gameday supplies, turkey

Super Bowl XLVIII isn't until Feb. 2. But the Super Bowl bargains begin in January.

So if you're planning a party for the Super Bowl, or any of the other big games this month, some of your supplies will be on sale.

Look for discounts starting around Jan. 15 on domestic beer, says Phil Lempert, editor of

"These will be the best prices of the year," he says.

And you can find price cuts on snacks -- everything from chips and pretzels to popcorn and snack mixes, he says.

Frozen appetizers and snacks will also be on sale -- up to 20 percent off, says Parker.

The week before the Super Bowl, look for deals on delivery pizza, too, Lempert says. You'll see two-for-one specials, package deals and other price breaks, he says.

Another good buy this month: turkey. "And it's a great one for feeding a crowd if you're watching a bowl game," says Aidells.

Look for bargains on turkey legs. For those popular January soups and stews, they're "one of the cheapest proteins out there," says Aidells. The legs often sell for "well under $1 a pound," and they make a great tagine or turkey gumbo, he says.

Fitness gear, gym memberships, tax prep software

Fitness equipment and gear, gym memberships, tax prep software © Inga Ivanova/

Retailers want to move exercise-related merchandise while New Year's resolutions are still fresh in shoppers' minds. So "January is an excellent time to get a deal on fitness gear and equipment," says Sharon Banfield, public relations director for

Look for price cuts of 15 to 60 percent on everything from workout clothes and DVDs to equipment such as stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills and home gyms, says Banfield.

Don't want to assemble your own gym at home? The neighborhood fitness center might be running some specials, too, says Jody Rohlena, deputy editor for ShopSmart magazine

Look for membership deals and specials all January, she says.

And if you're looking for a mental workout, tax preparation software is often discounted in January.

Deals tend to pop up early in the month, and shoppers can save about 35 percent, says Banfield.

Linens, bedding and furniture

Looking to spruce up the house in the New Year? Look for white sales.

While they started as a retail gimmick to move merchandise during a slow month, the sales have become an annual staple every January, says Rohlena.

While you trade selection for discounts, prices typically drop 35 to 55 percent, says Banfield. Look for deals on everything from blankets and towels to sheets and mattresses.

You might also be able to pick up deals on new furniture while you're at it.

Most furniture companies release new products in February (and again in August), so "January is a great clearance time" in stores, says Banfield.

Depending on the retailer, you could see deals of 25 to 35 percent off, she says. And smaller stores could have "even deeper discounts," she says.

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