5 Major Ways the Internet Will Change Without Net Neutrality


"The Internet Association supports enforceable rules that ensure an open Internet, free from government control or discriminatory, anti-competitive actions by gatekeepers," the association said, implying that the FCC should take a leadership role and follow guidance set by the court to take control.

4. Uneven service: faster service for some

"Operating under the assumption that paid partnerships between ISPs and content providers will equal faster Internet and a better consumer experience, the consumers and content providers in these examples would likely be losers," said Jessica Rothschuh, a business development manager for ZeroDivide, a nonprofit group that advocates for under-served communities for technology issues.

"In the case of the local media outlet, for example, which would be unable to pay more to be delivered on the 'fast lane,' they may find that their consumers leave their site before the multimedia content loads," she said.

5. Greater technological divide by income, demographic

ZeroDivide President and CEO Tessie Guillermo said her organization was disappointed by the ruling.

"The headlines have focused on the possible loss of cheap streaming movies and TV shows, but we as a society stand to lose much more," she said in a statement.

In addition to Netflix, other content providers that provide educational opportunities or patient-health communication will be unable to share their content, he said. She said he hopes the FCC will appeal the case to the Supreme Court so services like video conferencing platforms will not be limited by burdensome costs.

"A child in a rural area who loses the ability to video conference with her physician specialist, a single dad who can no longer take his online college courses or a community media outlet in the inner city that is charged more to distribute its news -- these are real losses," Guillermo said.

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