Tesla's Direct Sales Business Model Targeted By N.C. Bill


While Tesla has stores and galleries across the United States, it does not have one located in the state of North Carolina. A Tesla service center, which provides roadside assistance, service and supercharging support, is available for vehicle owners in Raleigh, N.C., according to the manufacturer's website.

North Carolina is not the only state that bans car manufacturers from selling to consumers directly. Tesla's CEO Elon Musk is also wrapped up in a battle with Texas lawmakers regarding selling its cars directly to the public.

North Carolina DMV spokeswoman Marge Howell told ABC News the bill will need to be sent to the state's House of Representatives by Thursday, before it is put to a vote.

O'Connell said that if the state passed the bill, Tesla would be open to challenging it on grounds that it violated the commerce clause.

"It's a beautiful car," Glaser said of the Tesla. "Just play by the same set of rules that all the other dealers in the state do," he said.

ABC News' Susanna Kim and Richard Davies contributed to this report.

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