Reduce Wrinkles While You Sleep: New Pillow's Promise

How big is the market for it? Callendar says she isn't sure. She notes, however, that there are about 6.1 million Botox treatments given in the U.S. every year, with most patients paying $500 every four months for the injections. The JuveRest audience, she thinks is bigger than 6.1 million and includes persons who don't want plastic surgery, don't want to spend hours in the gym, and who do want to do "what they're already doing: sleep."


Though images of women dominate the JuveRest website, Anson says that men, too, are the target audience. Men are very susceptible to wrinkles, she notes. And given the fact few of them wear makeup, their wrinkles are more noticeable. "I would guess they'd be very interested," she thinks.

How effective might this pillow or any other be in reducing or preventing wrinkles? Dr. Glogau says a pillow might indeed be effective, if kept the sleeper from turning on his side or putting pressure on his face. But he has not yet seen one, he says, that does so uniformly. Changing someone's habitual sleep position, he says, is tough.

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